Key Phone Numbers

Sharon Mancebo

925.937.3420 (daytime direct)
925.937.4378 (after hours) Tell the after-hours operator that it is an emergency (i.e. broken sprinklers causing flooding) so she can locate the on-call contact to handle the emergency issue.
Boardwalk Investment Group, Inc. : 925.947.2643 (Fax)
First Alarm Security : 1.877.900.1110
Towing by Morris & Sons: 408.995.6900
San Jose POLICE: 408.277.8900
San Jose FIRE: 408.277.4444
Electric power outage 24 hr emergency: 408.615.5640
Electric power outage non-emergency: 408.615.5600
San Jose Municipal Water: 408.279.7900
PG & E: 800.743.5000
City of San Jose Waste Management: 408.535.3500
Green Waste (recycling): 408.283.4800
ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration: 800.480.8439
Taylor Morrison Warranty: 877.943.4501
United Postal Service, St. James Park Substation: 800.275.8777
Luna Park Issues: 408-793-5510

4 Responses to Key Phone Numbers

  1. Subin Park says:

    Hi HOA member,

    I’m new owner since last Aug. I’ve got HOA fee for the first time last month with late fee, which I have never gotten another bill to pay for. I wrote a letter with my pay check but nobody answered, but just check went through along with late fee. I’ve tried call 30+ times, never can reached at actual person.
    For this matter, I wonder few things…First, I wonder how that happened Second, Im not getting any bill again, so worried about having late fee again. Third, if there is any way I can pay it online without getting a paper bill.

  2. Qing Xu says:

    I am a new home owner in Modern Ice community. Could you please tell me how to pay the HOA fee online automatically each month? Is there any link for this? I did not find some link in this page.

    • MI Sheena says:

      Hi Qing, right now we don’t have a setup where you can pay the HOA dues online via the Modern Ice website.

      You can setup automatic withdraws with Modern Ice property managemnt company Boardwalk. Call or email Sharon Mancebo at (925) 937-437 or

      I hope this helps. I realize that it took me long to reply to you; I didn’t get the notifications in my email.


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