Key Phone Numbers

Sharon Mancebo

925.937.3420 (daytime direct)
925.937.4378 (after hours) Tell the after-hours operator that it is an emergency (i.e. broken sprinklers causing flooding) so she can locate the on-call contact to handle the emergency issue.
Boardwalk Investment Group, Inc. : 925.947.2643 (Fax)
First Alarm Security : 1.877.900.1110
Towing by Morris & Sons: 408.995.6900
San Jose POLICE: 408.277.8900
San Jose FIRE: 408.277.4444
Electric power outage 24 hr emergency: 408.615.5640
Electric power outage non-emergency: 408.615.5600
San Jose Municipal Water: 408.279.7900
PG & E: 800.743.5000
City of San Jose Waste Management: 408.535.3500
Green Waste (recycling): 408.283.4800
ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration: 800.480.8439
Taylor Morrison Warranty: 877.943.4501
United Postal Service, St. James Park Substation: 800.275.8777
Luna Park Issues: 408-793-5510

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